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About Us

We are an environmental company and we buy used cars. The process is very simple.

First, We do not seek out these cars. Instead, we have a telephone number where, a prospective used car seller, can contact us. Once you contact our company and, inform us that, you are looking towards disposing off your used car. We will go ahead take the details of the car.Secondly, after you have supplied the used car information, we use a market based, valuation system to determine exactly how much your car is worth. For the simple reason that we do not buy this used cars for resale purposes, it is important to know that we are the end buyer, of these used motor vehicles. We are able to get back with you with the market the valuation of your car and, from there it your call to decide whether, you still want to sell the car.

If yes, then we embark on the third step. Which means, we consult on the location where the car is sitting, the best timing to come and pick it, and the details regarding a contact person. It is this time that we also decide on the best payment option.

Our company offers many payment options, but as we have see with most of our customers, the need to finish the business there and then is usually greater. In that case, customers are allowed to opt for on spot payments.

The process of selling a car to us is nothing like you see with dealerships. The main point being that, we are no a dealership, we do not buy these cars for resale, at least not for resale as done in used car dealerships. We buy these cars for reasons other than, resale, for that reason, additional paperwork including road-worth and emission inspection paperwork, or additional ownership history is of little value to us.

If you have a used car, that in any way should be bought by us, do not wait. The car that has been sitting on your garage, roadside, could easily translate to money. Do not hesitate, the process could start in less than fiver minutes, and we will be on our way to faxing you the quotation. Please, give us a call, our number is supplied above, it is worthy knowing how much valuable the car on your back lot is worth.

We hope you will contact us, so we can see how we can help add value to your idle used car.